Core Belief sessions

As human beings, it is common to experience situations that are uncomfortable, unpleasant or undesirable. Oftentimes they continue to surface over and over again, simply indicating  that we are holding onto negative definitions and beliefs - the building blocks that form our personal and collective reality. In these sessions you’ll begin to understand how you continue to choose to create these negative experiences. By becoming conscious of your beliefs and the reasons that you are holding them, you can creatively rewrite them and change your life.

These sessions are a dynamic new process that combines spiritual counseling, various shamanic tools, and creative exercises. We'll discover and unravel the core beliefs that have become road blocks to your own peace and happiness. Then we will creatively construct new beliefs and definitions that transform and support your life and choices.

This work is best approached in at least two sessions, usually requiring about 45 minutes for each session. Core Belief work is considered Shamanic Healing and is offered at the rate of $100 per hour ($75 per 45 minute session). There is flexibility with the cost and/or payments for those who are financially challenged. You can book these Core Belief sessions as close together as you want, its only necessary to have at least an hour (or up to 2 weeks) to do some "homework" on your own between these sessions. They will be recorded for you if you wish.

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